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Maintaining Your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda HR-V

Your new Napleton Oak Lawn Honda HR-V is the car you have long been hoping for. Engineered to provide years of trouble free driving, it does, from time to time, require proper care and feeding. Following these simple steps will make sure your Honda HR-V will be ready to take on the day, every day. Consult the service experts at Napleton Oak Lawn Honda who will assist you with all your service needs because no one knows your Honda like they do. For more detailed service information, please consult your Honda HR-V Owner's Manual.

Brake Pads and Rotors: Probably the most important safety feature on your new Honda HR-V, Brake Pads are what presses against the Rotors, until they wear down. Let them wear down too far and you will likely need to replace the rotors as well. Check your owner's manual for estimated life and replacement schedule. Your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda Service will be happy to help.
Spark Plug replacement: Spark Plugs provide the spark needed to make your engine work properly. Occasionally they become fouled or damaged and need replacement. Just to be safe, Napleton Oak Lawn Honda recommends changing them every 30,000 miles.
Rotate those tires:
Tires that remain on the front of your Honda HR-V could see un-even wear on the outside edges. For this reason, Napleton Oak Lawn Honda suggests rotating your tires according to the diagram in the Honda HR-V Owner's Manual. This way, they will wear evenly at every corner. This should occur approximately every 7,500-miles, and always before getting an all-wheel-alignment.

Transmission Fluid Change: Typically service free, the transmission of your Honda HR-V will offer miles and miles of trouble-free driving. Still, you should replace your transmission fluid every 90,000 miles or so, to keep your transmission shifting smoothly and will insure years of continued use. For more information check with your Honda HR-V owner's manual and your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda service advisor.

All-Wheel Alignment: A properly aligned set of wheels helps to minimize wear and extend your tire's mileage. It can also keep you driving straight down the highway. Hitting a pothole or speed bump can throw it out alignment again so Your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda service advisor can suggest a proper interval for the service. Pro tip: Rotate your tires before performing an all-wheel-alignment in an effort to maintain even tire wear all the way around.

Air Filter: The internal combustion engine in your new Oak Lawn Honda HR-V feeds on a combination of air and fuel. The Air Filter keeps debris and grit out of the engine's internals, all while continuing to let it breathe freely, insuring years of smooth operation. Your Honda HR-V owner's manual and your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda service advisor both recommend changing it every 30,000 miles.

Wiper Replacement: In addition to keeping your windshield clear and free of water, wiper blades and wiper fluid will work to keep snow and ice off the glass as well. Napleton Oak Lawn Honda's Parts and Service departments stock a full lineup of Honda Wiper Blades. Pro tip: It's usually time for replacements when the current wipers leave patches of water and streaks on the windshield.

Oil and Oil Filter changes: Your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda HV-R is powered by a precision-built Honda engine that performs best with fresh conventional or synthetic motor oil, and a new oil filter to remove impurities and dirt that may enter the system.  They should be replaced every 7,500 miles or 12-months.

Check Those Fluids: Nothing is more annoying than pushing the button to wash your windshield with an empty reservoir of wiper fluid. But that's not the only one that can come up empty. Napleton Oak Lawn Honda's service department is ready to top off all fluids when necessary, even between oil changes. Call up for more information today.

Your Honda HR-V Owner's Manual offers more information. Additionally, the service department and advisors at Napleton Oak Lawn Honda are eager to keep your Honda HV-R running like new. Call them for more information today.



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