Synthetic Or Natural, How Often Should I Change My Oil?

With newer, higher technology engines, comes the need for higher technology lubricants. But just what does that mean? Will your car be safe with traditional motor oils, or is it a better bet to go semi-synthetic or full synthetic? A call to your Ed Napleton Oak Lawn Honda service advisor will help to sort out your new vehicle's needs. And when in doubt, always check your vehicle owner's manual.

Once upon a time, car manufacturers recommended changing traditional oil every 3,000 miles, and replacing the oil filters at the same time. Full Synthetic and Synthetic Blends can extend the life further to as long as 15,000-miles, but filters may not be up to the same challenges. New technologies have brought longer life oil filters to market that may be the right fit for your new vehicle.

Life in Chicago doesn't subject us to the extreme temperatures that may occur to our neighbors in the South. But care in putting the proper grade of oil in your vehicle should be paramount in guaranteeing your Oak Lawn Honda gets just what it needs for years of uninterrupted service. Where you live and use your vehicle is just as important as how often it is driven. The introduction of low temperatures with the wrong type of oil can cause inefficiency or worse under the hood.

No one understands your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda better than our service department who will be able to advise you on the latest in lubricant technologies. While traditional oils are still in widespread use, and were most likely what your vehicle was filled with when it came from the factory, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils are gaining popularity. Your Oak Lawn service department stocks a wide variety of brands and types of oil that will suit the needs of your specific vehicle and its type of usage.

Traditional motor oil has always been a safe choice, but requires replacement at a much more frequent interval. The same applies to the filters that trap impurities in the flow as much as possible during its lifetime. Traditional motor oils should be changed after approximately 6,000-miles of service or every 6-months, which ever comes first. Newer Honda vehicles feature a "wrench" that appears on your dashboard to let you know 15-percent of your oil life remains.

Semi-Synthetic motor oil combines traditional and synthetic blends and are a good choice for vehicles that operate under heavier loads, and extended driving sessions. Semi-Synthetics last longer than traditional oils, and could safely provide proper lubrication to around 8,000 miles.

Synthetic motor oil is the perfect choice for today's high-tech engines, whether high performance or high efficiency. They offer better performance from a viscosity standpoint (the ability to flow through engine parts) and increased protection from foreign deposits. It's the perfect choice to protect your investment whether it's a Grand Tourer or a Plug-in Hybrid.

Consulting your Ed Napleton Oak Lawn Honda service advisor will have your Honda vehicle ready for action, whether for a long road trip or a local jaunt around town.

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