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What is motor oil?

Quite simply, Motor Oil is the lubricant that keeps your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda's engine running smoothly without bindings, lock ups, and other maladies that can drastically shorten the life of your investment.

Three different types of Oak Lawn oil changes

Several types of Motor Oil Exist. Conventional, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic are the most widely known and used varieties, and when you come in for your oil change in Oak Lawn your Honda service advisor can help you decide what the best choice is for your driving style. Refinements in the oil business have brought with it "new rules" as to how long you should run your Oak Lawn Honda between oil changes. The service experts at Napleton Oak Lawn Honda suggest following the recommendations found in your Honda Owner's Manual, but are always available to schedule a service appointment or offer advice.  When shopping for the best deal on an oil change in Oak Lawn, there is a good chance you came across our site. Fill out the form to the right or schedule a service appointment online to find out why.

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Conventional Motor Oil Change

  • Traditional or Conventional Motor Oil (sometimes referred to as mineral oil) is usually what lubricates your car as it arrived from the factory. It is refined to remove impurities and can sometimes include additives that increase longevity, and viscosity. It is the least expensive form of lubrication but has a downside in that it needs to be changed more frequently than a synthetic type of oil. Traditional motor oils should be changed after approximately 3- to 5,000-miles of service.

Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil change

  • Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil is, as its name implies, is a blend between synthetic and mineral oils. It needs changing less than regular motor oil and can go for a longer period of time between oil changes. Less expensive than full synthetic, it is a compromise between price and longevity. Semi-Synthetic motor oil has a useful life of approximately 8,000-miles.

Synthetic Motor Oil Change

  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the highest (price) and grade of motor oil that you can buy. But don't let its high price deter you without first thinking about your typical needs and usage. For instance, if you do a lot of heavy hauling or highway driving for long distances, Synthetic may be the logical (and money saving) choice for you. Synthetic motor oil is comprised of artificially-made lubricants, additives, and supplements that help to keep it cleaner longer. The synthetic makeup allows it to operate at higher temperatures without breaking down. Sure, the up-front price is higher, but you may be able to go the equivalent distance of up to three traditional oil changes for the same price of one synthetic oil service. It's the perfect product to lubricate your Honda Civic, Accord, Pilot, CR-V, Fit, HR-V, Ridgeline, and Odyssey.


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Your Napleton Oak Lawn Honda Service Advisor is happy to consult with you to choose the right lubricant for your Honda. Still, it's a good idea to consult your Owner's Manual for the latest recommendations on the proper lubricant for your vehicle.

Getting an oil change on your Honda in Oak Lawn, Joliet, Orland Park and Chicago is extremely important for the life and reliability of your vehicle.  Bringing your Honda in for service at our Honda dealerships will ensure the right oil is used.  Getting an oil change in Oak Lawn at our dealership will also ensure that you are doing what you can to keep the engine in the best shape possible. 

Oak Lawn Oil Changes on Honda vehicles as well as other makes and models!

Now that you understand the different types of oil that can be put in your vehicle, as well as the importance of the oil changes that should be done regularly.  Fill out the form above for any questions you may have, click schedule service above to setup an appointment at our dealership or make the drive from Oak Lawn, Joliet, Orland Park or Chicago to our dealership for your oil change.