Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Oak Lawn Honda Clarity For Sale

If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to save the day, it's time come  find out why the  Oak Lawn Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is here to stay. Give yourself an electrifying experience you will never forget. Start driving cleaner so that you can  make the world greener.

Explore the power of having a luxury midsized sedan with no fuel emission. Go beyond the  surface and immerse yourself in irresistible rich comfort that makes you want to stretch out. Rack up some serious miles and take your adventure even further. Discover all the rewards that come with driving green.  Step inside of the future today, and give yourself a chance to make a difference. Come check out the all new Honda Clarity at Napleton's Oak Lawn Honda Dealership and schedule your free test drive. We are  located at 5800 West 95th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60543.

 Act now and you can be one  of the first  few drivers to get  an incredible deal on this wonderful eco-friendly Honda model. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we think it's important  for us to tell you about all of the benefits and rewards that come standard with this  luxurious 4-door midsized sedan. So, give yourself a few minutes to explore all of the advantages that this vehicle has to offer. Once your done, fill out the free online form below and schedule your free test drive today.

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Oak Lawn  Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Exterior

Stand Out From The Crowd

If you're looking for   a car that is just as exciting to drive as it is to look at, the Oak Lawn Honda Clarity  was made just for you. This beautiful luxury 4-door mid-sized sedan stands out from the crowd  and elevates your drive with a remarkably stunning exterior design. Whether you are standing next to it, or looking at it from  a  distance, this vehicle will take your breath away. 
Expressing itself with a progressive forward thinking design, this  sedan has an uncompromising style. Plus, it accelerates your drive with a laser focused aerodynamic bone line.

And, it lights  up  every scene with ultra-bright inline LED Headlights, high intensity rear  LED taillights,  and an unforgettable  Honda Clarity logo.  All the while keeping you forward with an aerodynamic streamlined shape that  maximizes performance  and efficiency without creating drag.As a result you can glide through  the air smoothly  with minimal air turbulence.  Finally, for the finishing touch, this vehicle comes topped off with 18-inch alloy rims wrapped in  all-season tires. 

Can you imagine having a car with this much style and elegance  parked in your garage.  If so, come check out the new Oak Lawn Honda Clarity for sale


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Oak Lawn  Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Performance 

Accelerate Your Future


Now that you know that the Oak Lawn Honda Clarity  has a stunning exterior design, it's time take a look underneath the hood.  You probably already know that  most eco-friendly cars  come standard with a great fuel economy. But, you probably didn't know that the Oak Lawn Honda Clarity gives you great mileage, and performance, with no fuel emissions. That's right!  This eco-friendly mid-sized  sedan is fully electric.  Which means, it's powered  up and ready to  take you further than you have ever been in a midsized sedan.

Tucked underneath the hood rests a 120 kW AC Synchronous Electric Motor that generates 161  horsepower at 4,000-9500 rpm. Combined with a single line automatic transmission, this vehicle  delivers offers a smooth and efficient acceleration for an enhanced  driving  experience. Plus this car also packs a powerful 25.5 KWH Lithium Ion Batter Pack that helps you  push out 221 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,500 rpm. 
And that's just the beginning! This intelligent  environmental-friendly  vehicles  handles the  road wit complete precision. Equipped with near perfect 51/49 weight distribution from the front to the rear, multi-link rear independent suspension, and aerodynamic wheels, this vehicle effortlessly  takes command of the road smooth, sporty ride.


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Oak Lawn  Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Interior


Step Into Your Comfort Zone


When it comes down to the Oak Lawn Honda Clarity's interior, not to many  mid-sized sedans   can measure up. As a matter of fact, this vehicle comes standard with more  luxury features than you can imagine. For starters, this car comes standard with  comfortable high-quality perforated eco-conscious leather 5-passenger seating,  power adjustable heated front row seats, and  dual-zone automatic temperature control.  If you need more room this Honda Model also features a 60/40 split folding second row seat  to accommodate all of your traveling needs. All in all, giving you 14.3 cubic-ft. of cargo space to satisfy all of your needs.

And, it doesn't stop there1 This 4-door midsized luxury sedan  also come standard with:
•    Intuitive 8-inch Display Audio Touch Screen gives you the world right a at tip of your finger
•    Hands Free Bluetooth Technology  keep you connected on the go
•    Pulsating 8-speaker audio system allows you to enjoy all of your favorite music
•    Apple Car Play enables you to connect your android device
•    Android Auto  enables you to connect all of your apple device
•    Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System  With 3D Rendering of Terrain
•    Rearview Camera keeps you moving forward without ever having to look back
•    Smart Entry
•    Honda Link
•    Push Start Ignition 


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Oak Lawn  Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Safety And Reliability 

Give Yourself Award Winning Safety Features 


When it comes down to safety the Oak Lawn Honda Clarity gives you today's most advanced safety and security features. All the while, ensuring you with the confidence and peace of mind that you deserve. This vehicle is one of the most trust mid-sized sedans on the road. And for good reason. Reinforced with an Accelerated Compatibility Engineering Body Structure, this vehicle can go against anything. Plus it also offers  an advanced airbag system.  And it incorporates a long  list performance inspired features to give you the power to stop accidents before they happen. This vehicle features:

•    Electronic Stability Control: Stabilizes your vehicle on twist and turns
•    4-Wheel Anti Lock Braking System prevent wheel-spin on wet or slippery surfaces 
•    Electronic  Roll Mitigation prevents vehicle from rolling over
•    Lane Keep Assist: helps you maintain your lain
•    Adaptive Cruise Control: enables you to control your speed
•    Road Departure Mitigation System


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Oak Lawn  Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Warranty


Make A Smart Investment  

At last! Let's take a look at the  warranty. As we all know, most cars warries expire  right when something goes wrong. That's why the Oak Lawn Honda Warranty comes standard with an  stronger and longer lasting warranty. Protecting you every mile of the way, you can always count on this vehicle warranty.  It offer:
•    60,000 mile or 60 month (whichever comes first) Limited Time Powertrain
•    36,000 mile or 36 month ( whichever comes first) Limited Time Basic Manufacturer Powertrain

In essence, you are just about covered for anything that could possibly go wrong with your powertrain for  next 5 years.


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Oak Lawn  Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Test Drive


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If your still reading this, we are going to assume you must have realized that the Oak Lawn Honda  Clarity is the best car for you.  Well, now that we have shown why this Honda Model is the best car for you, and  how it helps protect the worlds  eco-environment , it's time for you to come  experience this vehicle first hand. 

Just imagine, in as little as  no time you can be driving   the eco-friendly car that you've  always dreamed about. Think about all the money you'll save today and tomorrow when you choose to drive  the Honda Clarity.  All because you decided to say  yes.

 Let's  us help you start making the world a greener place today. Fill out the free online form above and schedule your free test drive today.  If you act now, you can also get an exclusive  deal on a new Oak Lawn Honda Clarity. So, what are you waiting for.
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